It’s your choice, we can tailor a package for you, or create your own!  Prices will vary based on the size of vehicle and it’s condition. We now offer ceramic coating as well!  See below for more details on ceramic coating and it’s benefits!

Our Most Popular Package starts at only $269 and includes:

  • Clean Slate
  • Engine and Door jambs degreased
  • The Shampoo and Scrub
  • Extreme Clean
  • Hand Wash
  • 1-Step Paint correction
  • Nano Sealant
  • Wheels cleaned and polished
  • Tires shined
  • Windows Cleaned

The Mini Detail starting at $139 included:

  • Hand Wash
  • Quick Vacuum
  • Wipe Down
  • Claybar
  • Wax


Packages for ceramic start at $749 and include a one step paint correction. We also will hand wash the vehicle free of charge after the ceramic coating has cured for a minimum of 30 days.  We also provide a coat of Nano Sealant following the curing time FREE OF CHARGE!  Do not be fooled by the gimmicks!  Ardex Tungsten Ceramic coating bonds permanently to the clear coat and cannot wear off like wax.  Cures to a finish harder than any other competing ceramic coating.  Like a coat of armor, protects against everything- minor scratches, bugs, acid rain, SALT, chemicals and paint!!  TOP-RATED 9H for hardness!!

Interior Services

Quick Vacuum- A fairly thorough pass through of the interior  $22 or

Clean Slate- Every nook, cranny, crack is brushed out and vacuumed spending extra attention in between the seats and the middle console  $44

Quick Degrease- All doorjambs and the engine compartment is de-greased with New Wave then power-washed  $12 and

For only $5 more, a layer of wax can be added to the door jambs after being cleaned to add protection and shine

Just Shampoo it!- (To be combined with a Clean Slate)  Carpets cleaned and extracted with citrus based cleaner and extraction device $55 or

The Shampoo and Scrub- Using a strong all-purpose cleaner, carpets and mats are scrubbed.  Then, carpets are cleaned with a citrus based cleaner and excess formula and dirt is extracted.  $65

Wipe Down- A quick run through of the cars dash and doors using a mild cleaner that leaves a pleasant scent  $12 or

Extreme Clean- Every piece of vinyl, plastic, etc of the interior is thoroughly cleaned.  Minor scuff marks on the panels are also removed $32

Exterior Services

Simple Wash- Dirt is lifted off vehicle using a concentrated, super foamy soap. Will not dull surface nor remove the wax. Car is then dried off leaving a streak free shine  $18

Claybar- Using a clay bar along with a lubricant, contaminants are removed from the paint along with minor imperfections. This process leaves the cars paint extremely smooth. If you are planning on having your car buffed or polished, this process is highly recommended.  $45 and up

Polish- Using a variable speed buffer, car is polished using Diamond Crystal Four which creates an exceptional gloss and removes minor scratches  $50 and up

Smart Cut- This is for older cars with deeper scratches that need a little extra TLC  $65 and up *Recommend following with a polish and wax

Wax/Sealant Options (In order for waxes/sealants to adhere properly, some form of paint correction may be required)

Ardex Viper- Liquefied Paste Wax with a mild cleaner and dye $35

Collinite Insulator Wax-  Leaves behind carnauba shine and durable coating that preserves finish and shields against the elements; UV, rain, snow, salt, dust, dirt, grime, bugs, staining and more. $48

Ardex Nano Sealant-(To be combined w/ Hand wash) Lasts a minimum of 9 months   Seals your paints clear coat and leaves a wet mirror like shine $75  *Highly Recommended

Carnauba/Poly Blend- Long lasting wax/sealant combo. Applied with buffer $60

Tire Shine $4

Wheel Polish $10